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◊ Cheese


Our Organization, INDIAN DAIRY is distinguished Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of wide range of Cheese and Dairy Products. Also, Indian Dairy is largest house of Importer and Distributor of a wide range of cheese from different countries in the world. Cheese is the most famous Product in Dairy Food Processing Material form Dairy Industry. Cheeses are the most common Dairy Products generally used in the preparations of Food and Pizza. Indian Dairy Cheese is a nutritious Dairy Product made from the Fresh Milk. Cheese is valuable for its portability, long life, and high content of Fat, Protein, and Calcium. We make Cheese in our Dairy Plant as per the Industry Standards for their food Quality. Indian Dairy Cheese is best quality Cheese which is checked form bacterial tests and provide good tastes in the food. We have all kind of packing availability of Cheese for Consumer and Industrial requirement. We also have Slice packing for the Hotel and Resort.

◊ Cheese mozzarella

Mozzarella Cheese

We at, Indian Dairy are continuously engaged in the Manufacturing and Supplying of Cheese Mozzarella and Cheese Slice, Dairy Products in excellent quality. Indian Dairy also are the Importer of all type of Cheese, specially Cheese Cheddar or different range of cheese that are widely in demand in Dairy industry. Mozzarella Cheese is made in Dairy Plant with traditionally process solely from the Milk of the domestic water buffalo. Mozzarella Cheese, which is made from whole or part Skimmed Milk, and widely used in the food service Industry for processing and direct consume. Mozilla Cheese considers the best for flavor and quality. Indian Dairy Mozzarella Cheese also made with Pasteurized Milk. Indian Dairy Mozzarella Cheese is an unripened, soft and white cheese whose melting and stretching properties are highly suitable for Pizza making.

◊ Cheese Powder

Cheese Powder

Indian Dairy is Manufacture and Exporter of Dairy Products and offer a comprehensive range of Cheese Powders in India that has high nutritional value and can be used in many food Industries. Indian Dairy also is the Importer and Exporter of all type of Cheese Powder, especially Cheese Cheddar Powder or different range of Cheese Powder that are widely in demand in Dairy Industry and Dairy Business. Indian Dairy Cheese Powder added superior taste in food or Beverage. These have high nutritional value. Cheese Powder is a convenient form of Cheese solids for use as an ingredient in food Manufacture .Cheese is mainly used in the flavoring of snacks, where Cheese can simply be mixed with the other ingredients. Indian Dairy Cheese Powdered is made by spray drying Cheese slurry, using much the same process as when making Powdered Milk. Powdered Cheese is popular in the Dairy Industry for making sauce bases. All of our Indian Dairy Cheese Powders are natural cheese which has been dehydrated and made from fresh Milk in our Milk Processing Plant.

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