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Indian Dairy has been involved in the dairy business since many years. We take pride in introducing as one of India’s leading manufactures, exporters and suppliers of dairy products, We at Indian Dairy have shown a new way of living- a healthy way of living. We have wide range of product catering to people of all age. We are continuously striving for synergy between technology, system, and human recourse to provide product and service that meet the quality, performance and pride aspiration of customers.

Indian Dairy ,one of the leading manufacture & exporter of skimmed milk powder ,desi ghee ,condensed milk ,casein, full cream milk powder, dairy whitener, palm kernal oil, white butter, lactose, glucose, dematerialized whey powder and all kind of dairy products, has emerged as the indubitable winner of dairy industry.

Indian Dairy is a “full-service” dairy that processes and fills gallons of milk a week. It operates around the clock, 365 days a year, to provide the freshest dairy products to customers every day.

Known for our adherence to strict quality norms, we are on the edge for further growth in our core competency areas - dairy products.

We are also in the process of massive production and marketing of value added dairy food products. Under the brand name of "indian Dairy" we manufacture skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, dairy whitener and pure ghee and many more.

At Indian Dairy, supreme quality is accomplished by state-of-the-art manufacturing procedure in the most hygienic conditions with a profound understanding in every stage of processing. This heavenly part of the world was deprived of good quality milk.

"The indian Dairy Group is an food group with a multinational strategy that seeks to increase the well-being of consumers throughout the world.

The ultimate purpose of the Group is to create value for its shareholders while adhering to ethical principles of business conduct, perform a useful social function by prompting the professional development of its employees and associates, and serve the communities in which it operates by contributing to their economic and social progress.

We have in mind to establish Indian Dairy as one of the top players in the global market for functional foods with high value added, which deliver improved nutrition and wellness to consumers, and attain a clear leadership in selected product categories and countries with a high growth potential for the Group.

Milk & dairy products and fruit-based beverages, foods that play an essential role in everyone's daily diet, will be key categories for the Group"

The safety, wholesomeness and nutritional value of our products are of paramount importance to Parmalat and are emphasised in the company Quality Policy. Our policy is to be in complete compliance with National and State Health Department Food Standards

Indian Dairy is also committed to maintaining a high level of corporate governance by ensuring good business practices are utilized and licenses other than above are kept up-to-date.
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