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Dry Milk Powder

◊ Malto

Evaporated Milk

Indian Dairy has carved a niche as one of the topmost Malto Manufacturers and Exporters from Delhi, India. Indian Dairy Supplied a Malto Products in India for Domestic and International Dairy Market. Indian Dairy Malto is a product based on Maltodextrin, a carbohydrate obtained from cornstarch molecules. Indian dairy Malto has low sweetening power and does not add calories. Indian Dairy Malto is employed as a bulking agent, but can also absorb oils. Indian Dairy Malto used in the food industry in the preparation of Beverages, Dairy Products, candies, soups, and use in many industry. All Indian Dairy Products are manufactured with respect to International Standards & Quality in Dairy Business, as a well known name in Dairy industry. Our Dairy Business providing a superior quality range of Dairy Products to our esteemed customers.

◊ Maltodextrin

Sweetened Condensed Milk Powder

INDIAN DAIRY is one of the front runners in the field of Manufacturing and Exporting the Dairy Product for Dairy Industry. Indian Dairy has created a solid Dairy Market base with the large number of Dairy Product by the keep in mind of our customer requirement. Our company, Indian Dairy also provides complete Dairy Product to our customers. Indian Dairy Maltodextrin is a moderately sweet polysaccharide used as a food additive. Indian Dairy Maltdextrin is produced from corn starch and is usually found as a creamy white hygroscopic powder. Indian Dairy Maltodextrine is easily digestible, being absorbed as rapidly as glucose. With the assistance of our advanced technology, Indian Dairy has been able to achieve excellence and perfection in manufacturing of Dairy Industry and Dairy Business.

◊ Soya Lecithin

Coconut Milk Powder

Indian Dairy is one of the renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of Soya Lecithin and Soya Lecithin Powder and Soya Product. Soya Lecithin Granules are made from Non-GMO Soybeans and are a Light Cream colored Powder with characteristic odor according Dairy Business. Indian Dairy has wide Network of Distribution of Soya Lecithin and Soya Product in Delhi, India. It is a vital, multifunctional, active substance used in Manufacturing a variety of Food Products, cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and animal feeds among other wide ranging applications and uses specially for its biochemical, nutritional value and therapeutic role. Soya Lecithin is natural dietary source of Essential Phospholipids viz Phosphatidyl choline. Our Dairy Products Manufacturing Plant under is under certification team of “ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP” in India.

◊ Evaporated Milk

Non-Dairy Creamer

Indian Dairy is most distinguished Milk Products Manufacturers and Suppliers of Evaporated milk and Dairy Products located in Delhi, India. Indian Dairy Evaporated Milk is popular before refrigeration as a substitute for perishable fresh fat fitted milk, because it could be reconstituted by adding water. In present times, household use is most often for desserts and baking for Dairy Industry and Dairy Business. When Milk is mixed with an equal amount of water, milk can be substituted for fresh milk in recipes. Evaporated Milk is prepared in completely safe and hygienic environment in our Dairy Product processing plant under certification team of “ISO 22000:2005” and HACCP of Dairy Industry Professional Scientists.

◊ Non-Dairy Creamer

Dairy Creamer

INDIAN DAIRY has a prime role to Manufacture and Exporter of finer quality of Non-Dairy Creamer in India for Domestic and International Market. Indian Dairy is a trusted name since generations in Manufacturing and Supplying of Non Dairy creamer. Indian Dairy Non-Dairy Creamer is produced from fresh fated Milk powdered or liquid Non-Dairy Creamers deliver a rich, creamy taste and texture. They are versatile, shelf-stable, and easy to use. Choose from Traditional, Flavored and Light. Indian Dairy Non-dairy creamers typically contain Sodium Caseinate, a milk protein (casein) derivative that does not contain lactose and is not considered a Dairy Product. Indian Dairy Non-Dairy Milk substitute used in tea and coffee (coffee whitener or creamer) made with glucose, fat, and emulsifying salts. A stable product is dry or as liquid.

◊ Dairy Creamer

Spray Milk Powder

INDIAN DAIRY engaged in the Manufacture and Exporter of better-quality Dairy Creamer in India. We are one of the major Skimmed Milk Powder Manufacturer, Exporters and Distributor Dairy Creamer. The Indian Dairy offer high quality Dairy Creamer are made by Fresh Full fat Milk and are completely free from artificial flavors, Colors. Real aroma and delicious taste of Indian Dairy Dairy Creamer provide them a high demand in the Dairy Industry for Dairy Business. Indian Dairy Supplied a Dairy Creamer in India for Domestic and International Market. Indian Dairy is Dairy Creamer Manufacturer among the prominent Suppliers in India. . Indian Dairy takes special care while processing Milk in our Dairy Products Manufacturing Plant under certification team and expert of “ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP”.

◊ Instant coffee Powder

Sweet Condensed Milk

Indian Dairy, dynamic and well-established organization of Dairy Products with an objective to be recognized as one of the distinguished Manufacturers and Exporters of various kinds of Dairy Product that optimize health. Indian Dairy are engaged in Manufacturing and Supplying quality of Instant Coffee Powder that add significant value to Coffee in terms of taste. The distinctiveness of our products and further broadening of product lines have led to rapid market penetration and expanded distribution. Our mission is to continue providing our clients with unparalleled service and quality, regardless of their size or volume requirements. Indian Dairy is constantly reaching to new, different and tastier products. Our products are well appreciated for freshness. The products are packed in clinically hygienic environment.

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